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We are web experience architects
who solve problems and grow business

Who We Are

OBC Media Creation puts together an elite group of minds to turn your vision into reality and deliver an incredible digital experience for your site visitors and customers. From website design development, we are glowing with exceptional efficiency and accelerate business growth for our clients.

Every website is handcrafted, from initial ideas and strategy to an incredible creation. And we don’t just start and end with websites. We are highly skilled, dedicated and passionate about providing excellent quality products and services that can help a business flourish and grow.

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What We Stand For

We live together for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, so we spend a lot of time together. We do our best to make this a place where people can flourish, so they are happy and get along with other people easily.

We only hire people that add value to the team. We do not just hire great designers and marketers but people with passion to make awesome projects.

We want to surprise our clients with the end result. But not only that, we want to finish a project that will bless and grow the company of the project. That is why we often take a look at a project again and see how we can make it even better.

You can see right through us!

So true:
It is more blessed to give than receive because joyful giving expresses our happiness and contentment found in the promises of God.

Our Fun Team


Our Barber
John is always happy. He likes to cut our hair.


Winstons is the funny guy! He always makes us laugh! He is a huge fan of the soccer club B.V. Veendam that was taken out of the soccer world in 2002. But since he has a tattoo of that club symbol he still supports them.


Beat is the founder of OBC.


This look of Cindy is how she looks all the time. Also when she laughs or cries, this is still the look we get from her. Her look can make water boil.


Emma works here for 124 years. She was in the back when Adaline had the accident at the weather and now see does not grow old. She is fabulous!


Sometimes we call our own company because it is so nice to talk to Rachel.


Brittany is the CFO. Corporate Federal Officer. She takes care of the drinks while the rest works. We believing in serving leadership.


We offered Gwenn a job but she had such an amazing time as an intern, that she decided to stay on. After work, she plays guitar on the streets and in that way makes more money than the rest of us combined.