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What Is ConvertKit

You can expand your audience, automate your marketing, sell subscribers on your digital items, and send numerous emails simultaneously with ConvertKit, an email marketing solution. Marketers and bloggers have used ConvertKit for years, and some have experienced tremendous financial success. In this ConvertKit Review, I’ll go into great depth about what they did to achieve it.

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Start With ConvertKit For Free

Is the ConvertKit Free Plan really unrestricted and unendingly free? Yes, the best part of ConbvertKit for me is that you can start for FREE. By doing this, you can increase the size of your email list and marketing campaigns while becoming used to the Software’s user interface. Click the link below to view this introduction on YouTube!

You can add up to 1,000 subscribers to your Free account without spending a penny or revealing your credit card details. You have absolutely no risks!

However, I must point you that the free edition is less feature-rich than the Pro version. Utilize the demo version for:

  • Create Opt-In Forms
  • Get up to 1,000 Subscribers
  • Send Unlimited Broadcast Emails
Convertkit Review - Start For Free

Keep in mind the features of such an amazing free program! Remember that you can upgrade to the Pro Plan whenever you’re ready and have more than 1,000 members, and then you’ll be good to go.

ConvertKit Pricing

Before going over all the features the Pro Version has to offer, let’s talk about price. There are two: the Creator and Pro Plans, and the price rises in proportion to the number of subscribers you have.

OBCG ConvertKit Pricing

The Creator Plan - Starting at $9.00 per month

With the Creator Plan, you can access all the tools necessary to automate and expand your email list. You can broadcast automatic sequences in contrast to the Free Plan. That is a fantastic approach to monetize your list while also inspiring your subscribers automatically. The maximum number of subscribers for the $9.00 per month is 300.

Paying monthly as opposed to annually results in a small increase in cost. Therefore, if you make an annual payment, you get two months for free. Naturally, the new, higher fee will be imposed as you continue to expand.

The price schemes when you join up for the Creator Plan are summarized as follows:

Amount of Subscribers - Cost $

ConvertKit Creator Prices by OBCG

ConvertKit Creator Pro Plan

The Creator Pro is available here for Facebook marketers. Choose the Creator Pro bundle if you construct distinctive Facebook Custom Audiences. The Pro Version also gets the Subscriber Scoring, Newsletter Referral System, and Advanced Reporting capabilities. This review will go through each of these features.

Creator PRO Plan Pricing

ConvertKit Creator Pro Prices by OBCG

Regarding the cost above, consider our News Post on ROI (Return Of Investment); you can find the formula to determine when to break even and start making a profit.

Click here…

How to measure roi

The best ConvertKit plan for you

If you don’t wish to start with automatic sequences, you can use the free plan (that means that you will send automated emails a few hours or days after someone subscribes). It’s time to upgrade to the Creator plan whenever you reach 1,000 subscribers or start using automated sequences.

OBCG ConvertKit Pro 1000-monthly
Grammarly Advertising

How to Begin Using ConvertKit

On the Homepage, you’ll find a green button that reads “Get Started For Free.” You can now answer the questions and create your login information without sharing details about your payment card!

Design A ConvertKit Landing Page

You are logged in to your account. You have a choice of watching the tutorial videos or starting right away. So, by selecting “Create Landing Page,” we would create a form to embed in a website or new landing page.

OBCG ConvertKit Landingpages Template

It involves a need for change. There are various landing page templates from which to choose. The colors, graphics, and customizing the input fields to your preferences. For illustration: Email address and first name.

ConvertKit Landing Page You Use? Share It!

When your design is finished, you can share the landing page online and via mobile SMS. You may embed it in your Instagram bio, post it on your website, send it over WhatsApp, email, or text it to pals. Then you obtain a new subscriber when visitors arrive at your landing page and click the subscribe button.

What Can You Offer Reader?

Find out how appealing your subscription offer is. You must give them a reason. One possibility is that they might get news updates about what you do, like sharing bitcoin news or telling people about your most recent blog posts, goods, or articles—anything fascinating and noteworthy.

Distribute your emails

You can start sending targeted broadcast emails as your email list grows. You might, for instance, have distinct landing pages for stocks and virtual currencies. So you can choose just to send emails to Crypto subscribers. This is feasible with the program’s free version, which offers you access to up to 1,000 subscribers.

Utilize the Free 14-Day ConvertKit Pro Trial.

When you’re prepared and ready to move forward, you can upgrade your ConvertKit free plan to the Creator or Creator Pro with a 14-day free trial. You now have 14 days to expand your email list without spending even a cent. Keep in mind that if you don’t cancel the plan within the first 14 days, you will be charged.

Start your Free Trial Now

  • Get a Free 14-Day Trial
  • No Credit Card required
  • Cancel anytime

Email Automation / Email Sequences

You can send automatic emails in succession using ConvertKit Creator or Creator Pro. This implies that you have the choice to determine whether to send a person a personalized email when they sign up for your email list. For instance, after a few hours, days, or on a particular day of the week, greet them by their “First Name” and then send follow-up emails automatically based on your configuration and preferences.

Any new subscribers recognize the importance of the particular topic they want to learn more about. You can determine that everyone who signs up receives an automated email starting the following Monday and a series of emails every few days from that moment on.

You can start switching the line to another email promotion, such as one that includes an affiliate link, in one of the emails that the Subscriber has already purchased. As long as the new subscribers don’t opt out of your email list, they can buy one of your affiliate products on autopilot.

Automated Rules

You can ensure that your subscribers receive the correct emails by using automation rules. If you send out ten emails in an attempt to sell a course, and after three of those emails, a subscriber agrees to purchase that course, they are not expected to receive the remaining seven emails.

So you can set up a rule that states when a subscriber accepts the course, he will be added to a separate email sequence created just for people who signed up for your course instead of remaining in the first one. That is how automation rules gain impact.

OBCG Convertkit Rules

Two components make up automation rules:
1. Triggers
2. “What steps should be taken when this occurs?”

Automated Rules allow us to:

  • Give subscribers who click on links in your emails a specific Tag and a call to action that they are “Interested.”
  • People with a specific tag can be either added or removed from an email sequence.
  • Add recipients of one email sequence to another after they have read it in its entirety.

We can send an automated or broadcast email to a particular group of people using those tags.

Visual Automations

You may greatly simplify the process for yourself by using Visual Automation. That has the biggest learning curve and initially appears a little intimidating, but it also works incredibly well!

ConvertKit Integrations

You discover that ConvertKit can interface with many well-known brands in the website sector. Therefore, you can be sure that customers who make purchases or fill out contact forms have been added to your email list. Here is a description of some available integrated software.

OBCG ConvertKit Integration Tools Options

Email Templates

The tone of emails we send to subscribers can be altered. Three alternatives are available. ConvertKit is renowned for its straightforward layout. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has converted more effectively.

How to Effectively Use ConvertKit

Let’s assume that the product is attractive and fashionable. For instance, an email with the program can offer free digital or physical goods in exchange for recipients signing up for a list and reading the email.

For excample if you offer: a free article, a document, a “How-To” article, a list of tax cost deductions, or a product handbook, etc., in that situation, you might have 30 to 50 people sign up for the subscription in exchange. You get the idea. Your list will consequently grow over time.

Then, when the chance to discount any subscription or to make an introduction offer arrives, send the proposal to the subscribers and let them know about the “One-Off” discounts they shouldn’t miss. Send a reminder or a series of reminders prior to the offer’s expiration if it is only valid for a brief period of time.

Paid Newsletter

ConvertKit makes it simple to set up a paid newsletter and offers more billing choices right now. For a paid newsletter, creators can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual billing. If you want to expand your paid newsletter (and keep more of what you earn).

Grammarly Advertising

How to Begin Using ConvertKit

On the Homepage, you’ll find a green button that reads “Get Started For Free.” You can now answer the questions and create your login information without sharing details about your payment card!

So What Do You Do?
Three Things:

  1. Offer something exceptional without charging anything and, if feasible, center it around a company you work for or a product you sell to earn money.
  2. To generate interest, start a blog or make videos explaining and discussing the product.
  3. When an opportunity to receive a discount presents itself, send a mass email to the list of enthusiastic people about the product, program, or article. Send them a link to your affiliate website so they may use the discount code there to make their purchase.


You'll see that ConvertKit is an excellent tool for earning a lot of revenue, helping marketers and organizations with automation, and developing an email list. It is easy to use, and you may get started without paying anything. As your business grows, you can upgrade to the ConvertKit Pro Plan. There are several methods for producing an ROI (Return On Investment).

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