RankMath Review 2023


Rank Math Review – Why I Ditched Yoast For RankMath

Rank Math has created the ideal framework to increase your search traffic.

It is in comparison to Yoast:

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • More Intuitive

And it does so without making your page load slower.

Even better, it has more sophisticated SEO capabilities.

For instance:

They offer a 100-point page analysis test that examines each page’s requirements in depth:

100 point page analysis test by OBCG

Yoast-based SEO tools charge a fee if you want to optimise for more than five target keywords per page.

Additionally, they provide a 1-click sophisticated SEO analysis tool that can assist you in quickly doing a site audit:

Rank Math SEO Analysis Score by OBCG

And the most incredible part?

It is free.
Watch this little video to find out more about Rank Math:

As a result, I’ll demonstrate how to set up Rank Math correctly and, if necessary, migrate from Yoast.

How to Transition to Rank Math

In only a few clicks, you can simply move to Rank Math.

They offer a thorough setup wizard that enables you to:

  • Migrate from Yoast & other SEO plugins
  • Quickly add essential site information
  • Optimize all your previous posts

In other words, you might commence in the next 10 to 20 minutes.

Step #1: First, backup your website and run a quick audit.

The first step is to back up your site’s current version, which you can do with a free plugin like Updraft.

After you have your backup, utilise a site auditing tool such as:

To do a fast crawl of your site to provide a glimpse of your current SEO status.

This allows us to compare our site before and after the migration to ensure that everything went as planned and that we didn’t leave any gaps.

Keep this information ready since we’ll be utilising it as a baseline to ensure your Rank Math deployment went smoothly (better safe than sorry, right?).

Let’s get started with Rank Math…

Step #2: Migrate From Yoast (or other SEO plugins).

Note: If you do not have an SEO Plugin installed you can skip this step.

If your site uses Yoast SEO or another popular SEO plugin, you may easily switch to Rank Math.

This enables you to make the transfer without:

  • You have to edit your previous posts.
  • Rechecking all of your settings

Rank Math will automatically determine which SEO plugin is installed on your site and propose to move you.
Just go to – Rank Math Dashboard and start the wizard.

You should see the following:

RankMath Setup Wizard Import by OBCG

Deactivate your SEO (Yoast) Plugin

You’ll notice Rank Math scanning your website for compatibility concerns as you scroll down. When you click More, you can see whether any SEO plugins conflict with each other on your website.

Deactivate Yoast SEO Plugin in RankMath Setup Wizard by OBCG

Import Data from Yoast SEO

In the next step, you can find the input data available from the Yoast plugin to be imported to Rank Math.

RankMath Yoast import settings by OBCG

Click the Start Import button and wait for the procedure to finish. You may also opt to recalculate SEO scores at the same time. Please remember that this approach will only update the SEO score of posts marked as N/A.

Rank Math Import Yoast SEO completed by OBCG

The progress bar will show the status as 100% done when the import is finished. Refer to our thorough explanation for further steps to establish all SEO parameters offered in the Rank Math Setup Wizard.

Step #3: Configure Rank Math

Go to WordPress Dashboard and open RankMath

Rank Math Setup Wizard Start by OBCG

You should have previously seen the screen with website information. Fill out the following essential information about your site.

In this post, we’ll guide you through installing Rank Math and configuring the most crucial SEO parameters on your website – the ones that are genuinely necessary for optimum SEO performance and that our setup wizard makes incredibly simple to adjust.

See the Video from RankMath for in-depth guidance:

There are a few things that will happen here, so let us go through them first.

The first section contains the setup instructions. Rank Math will ask you some fundamental questions at each step. Rank Math will modify the SEO parameters based on your responses.

  • Easy
  • Advanced
  • Custom Mode (PRO)
RankMath Setup Wizard by OBCG

You may choose from one of three options, with the Custom mode only available to Rank Math PRO members. The simple and advanced steps are not much different. The advanced option includes additional stages with more advanced parameters to customise. We’ll utilise the Advanced Mode setup:

Compatibility Check

The next part does a compatibility check. Before the setup procedure begins, Rank Math does a compatibility check to ensure no problems. If there are no problems, you will get the following message:

RankMath Compatibility Test by OBCG

You may view the results of the tests by clicking the More option.

Rank Math Compatibility Detail Check by OBCG

Your Site

This option allows you to inform Rank Math about your website. Whether it’s a personal blog, an online business, a website for a non-profit, or anything else. Rank Math inserts the proper code to your website based on your response so that Google understands this about your website. These are the only choices available under this setting:

RankMath Site Details Scaled by OBCG

Learn More About the Setup Wizard

Rank Math provides some valuable resources to assist you in understanding how to configure Rank Math using the setup wizard. Of course, if you’re reading this, it implies you are either interested or want to know more. Anyway, we wanted to share that information with you so that you can get the correct information.

If you click the “click here” link in the first part, you’ll be taken to the most key places of Rank Math.

The link under the Setup Tutorial tab will take you to the publications that describe the setup procedure at RankMath “How To Page” and you can click on the search box that will allow you to search the Rank Math Knowledge Base directly from within Rank Math.


What cannot be measured cannot be improved. This is a common business adage. Numbers are vital whether you run a traditional business or on the internet.

That is why we added a robust analytics module in Rank Math that will give you access to your company’s essential data directly inside your WordPress admin. Because this function is so excellent, we have a detailed guide. You may learn more about it here. For the time being, let us explore what options we have to customise.

First and foremost, here is what you will see when you open the website.

RankMath Analytics Tab in Rank Math Setup Wizard for Google by OBCG

As you can see, there is a large button in the centre of the page requesting that you log in to Google Services. This is because Rank Math can import massive amounts of data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and even AdSense once you do.

Before proceeding, we want to clarify that we do not view or save any of the data that Rank Math retrieves. We have no intention of selling your information; it is not our business strategy. Rank Math serves as a mediator, retrieving data from Google and displaying it to you. More information on how we process this data may be found here on our other Blog – how to connect Google Analytics.

Paraphrasing the Benefits of the Analytics Module

Rank Math’s Analytics module can not only retrieve and show GA and GSC data, but it can also automatically check your website with Google Search Console. Your website would be confirmed with Google Search Console if you followed the setup procedures for Google Analytics. Rank Math has now automated the entire process.

Aside from GSC, you can also automatically add the Google Analytics code to your website—no code copying and pasting are required. You can create a view directly inside Rank Math if you’ve never used GA before.

Just one more. When your account is authenticated, Rank Math will automatically submit your sitemaps to Google Search Console—you won’t even have to lift a finger.

When you’ve finished configuring all these options, click the Save and Continue buttons to move on to the next stage.


Sitemaps are indexes that help search engines quickly identify the pages and articles on your website. Sitemaps are similar to the indexes found in books. Rank Math includes a Google-compliant sitemap generator that automatically generates a sitemap for your website. You will not need to utilise another plugin to construct your sitemap.

These are the only choices available in Rank Math’s sitemaps section.


In the optimisation process, we will make minor changes to your website’s SEO settings that will significantly impact you. Here are all of the choices available in this area.

RankMath SEO tweaks by OBCG
Rank Math noindex category option by PWD
Rankmath nofollow external links option by PWD
RankMath open external links option by PWD


As you might expect, the Ready tab has no options and is simply a confirmation page for you to finish the processes up to this point. Here’s how it appears and what the various parts and connections lead to. If you are utilising the Easy Setup Mode, you will not see the advanced setup option and should instead see the setup completion button..

RankMath easy settings configured by OBCG

Even though this is merely a confirmation page with no options, you may have spotted an option named Enable plugin auto-update. We recommend that you enable this feature. Because Google changes its algorithm multiple times per year, you may not be able to take advantage of the most recent suggestions if you are still using an earlier version of Rank Math (without updates).

With Rank Math’s Auto Update function, you’ll always get the most recent version and the best features.

Step #4: Review the Changes

The final stage is to assess the impact of switching to Rank Math on your site.

Re-crawl your site with the tool you previously used, and then compare the findings.
Most of these adjustments were minor for me, but after further inspection, they proved unimportant.

But keep an eye out for the following changes:

  • Contains Canonical
  • Canonical Self Referencing
  • Canonicalized
  • Canonical Missing

Rank Math can significantly alter your website.

It can delete canonicalization tags from your tag archive pages because they were no-indexed, which is OK. After all, the pages may have never been indexed in the first place.

If you see any drastic changes you are unsure about, please let us know in the comments, and we can assist you.

RankMath vs Yoast SEO

Overall, RankMath is a rival that Yoast SEO should consider seriously.

Yoast SEO plugin provides a free plan with several valuable features, but if you want to go in-depth, you must purchase the Premium Version.

While RankMath provides the same capabilities and more for free. Indeed, RankMath grants you access to functionalities not even available in the Yoast Premium Version.

Overall, there are three reasons why RankMath is less economical than Yoast:

  1. RankMath’s top-level plans are less expensive than Yoast’s.
  2. Yoast does not provide an unlimited Personal Websites licence, but RankMath does with its Pro plan, which allows an infinite number of websites as long as they are your sites.
  3. RankMath offers a single Pro subscription with all features, whereas Yoast provides many. So, if you want to access the same services, you’ll have to make separate payments and spend more.

Rank Math Pricing

This Price below is a:

Anniversary Mega Sale!!

(Don’t miss out…)

Leading SEO's are Loving Rank Math!

Do not pass up this excellent opportunity to boost your on-page SEO.


4.9 Overall Satisfaction Rating!
Based on 5066 Reviews

My Opinion

I moved all of my sites to RankMath, which is, without a doubt, an excellent plugin. Although the corresponding Yoast cost is substantially greater because you would need to purchase all of Yoast’s expensive plugins to gain the same capability that Rankmath delivers in just one plugin, practically all of which is free.
Even if you pay for Rankmath Pro, it is just $59 per year for ALL capabilities, making it far less expensive than Yoast, which requires the purchase of numerous plugins to achieve the same functions.

Yoast dropped the ball here, believing they were unbeatable and doing little to improve or compete.

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