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One of the leading organizations for 3D design and visualization help is Solaris IDEA – Pioneering Mechanical Engineering Excellence. They are experts in converting ideas into reality by providing full services to big and small businesses. Their mission is to use cutting-edge 3D mechanical design engineering solutions to unleash creativity throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

When Solaris contacted us, they orally communicated their vision and objectives, giving us the responsibility of turning their dreams into a vibrant web presence. As committed website developers, our goal was to create an approachable and educational platform that clearly conveyed their array of offerings and actively engaged their intended market.

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Illuminating Expertise:
A Solaris Mechanical Engineering Website Journey

A company’s website functions as a virtual storefront in the world of digital landscapes, a visual depiction of its core values. Our recent partnership with Solaris Mechanical Engineering included more than just building a website—rather, it was delving deeply into their amazing mechanical universe.

Understanding the Essence:

Our belief was that a thorough understanding of Solaris Mechanical Engineering was essential before delving into the realm of coding and design. A day with the firm gave me a great understanding of their experience and knowledge. Talking with the crew revealed the complexities of their work and the drive behind their efforts.

A casual yet thought-provoking meal served as the link that brought us closer together personally. It was more than just creating a website; it was about collaborating to bring Solaris’ core values to the digital sphere.

A company’s website functions as a virtual storefront in the world of digital landscapes, a visual depiction of its core values. Our recent partnership with Solaris Mechanical Engineering included more than just building a website—rather, it was delving deeply into their amazing mechanical universe.

Development Process

1. Discovery Phase:

– In-depth discussions with the Solaris team to understand their goals and vision.
– Analysis of competitors and industry trends.
– Identification of key elements to showcase on the website.

2. Design Concept:

– Creation of a modern and visually appealing design concept inspired by mechanical engineering aesthetics.
– Feedback sessions with the Solaris team to refine and tailor the design to their liking.

3. Content Creation:

– Development of website content that communicates Solaris’ expertise concisely and effectively.
– Collaborative creation of engaging copy that resonates with the target audience.

4. Coding and Implementation:

– Utilisation of cutting-edge web development technologies to bring the design to life.
– Iterative development with regular check-ins and feedback sessions with the Solaris team.

5. Testing and Optimisation:

– Rigorous testing across various devices and browsers to ensure a seamless user experience.
– Optimisation for performance and loading speed.

6. Launch and Training:

– Smooth transition from development to launch.

The Breathtaking Result

Our combined efforts produced a website that not only encapsulated Solaris Mechanical Engineering’s core values but also showcased the company’s cutting-edge and sophisticated work. The employer was astounded by the first look, which is evidence of the impact that a skillfully designed digital presence can have.

Building Connections

Our partnership was about creating relationships, not just about pixels and code. We were able to incorporate the Solaris team’s personality into the website and create a digital place that is exclusively theirs by getting to know them personally.

Content Showcase

We also started creating material in addition to the website. To highlight Solaris’ thought leadership in robots in mechanical engineering, nine publications were written. Furthermore, we investigated the idea of 3D visualisation, providing interesting and educational information that offered a peek into the future of mechanical engineering.

Responsive Design and Optimization

We made sure the website was fully responsive and optimized for a variety of devices and screen sizes because we understood how important mobile usage is. This ensured a consistent user experience across all devices by enabling consumers to visit the website with ease from PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Outcome and Impact


The website project for Solaris Mechanical Engineering was more than just a development job; it was a cooperative, mutually understood, and innovative adventure. We are proud that as Solaris enters the digital limelight, our work not only showcases their skills but also gives them a chance to stand out in the competitive field of mechanical engineering. Cheers to a digital presence as innovative and dynamic as the gears they develop and bring to life.

For the audience of Solaris Mechanical Engineering Services, the News section and articles produced will be an invaluable resource, encouraging participation and knowledge-sharing among the Mining, Production, Mechanical and Plant Design Industries, among many others. By adding new information to the area on a regular basis, Solaris can maintain its position as a thought leader and champion for people and businesses in Australia and throughout the world.

The goal of Solaris IDEA was effectively turned into a useful and aesthetically pleasing online platform via the website building project. The website’s ability to draw in and hold the interest of its intended audience is facilitated by its sleek, contemporary design, educational material, and easy-to-use interface.

We appreciate your faith in the OBCG Team, Solaris.

Justification of the Investment's Dollar Value

(average customer value x annual customers generated) / annual website cost = website ROI.

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